Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Itinerary plans

Here's our condensed itinerary!

09 April (Fri) Arrive in Beijing
10 Apr (Sat) Visit Tian An Men Square, Forbidden City, Olympic Park & Great Wall
11 Apr (Sun) Meet Georgie in the afternoon!
13 Apr (Tues) Visit Jiaxiu Pavillion
14 Apr (Wed) Visit Hongfu Budhiddist Temple
15 Apr (Thurs) Visit Qianling Park
16 Apr (Fri) Visit Hebin Park, then fly to Guangzhou
18 Apr (Sun) Bus to Shamian Island, then to Pearl wholesale market
19 Apr (Mom) Visit Guangzhou Zoo
23 Apr (Fri) Fly home


  1. Wow! Hope you all have arrived safely. We'll be saying lots of prayers for you. Enjoy the sights.

  2. We've been praying for you all. Is Beijing beautiful? Hope all went well with your flights. So excited for you meeting Georgia! Love to all. The Burkholders

  3. We just got home for Cincinnati tonight 4/10. As I sat in a hotel room for three days it reminded me to pray for you in your hotel room far, far, away; probably feeling a bit overwhelmed and excited about where God has brought you! I saw Kathy Hoeweller at the conference in Cincy and the first thing I told her was, "Robin and her family are in China this very minute, going to pick up their daughter!" (I'll tell you what else she said when you get back).
    Know that we are praying for you many times every day. For your faith to soar, for you to be unafraid, for everything to go smoothly, for you to enjoy each other, and to glorify Him and enjoy Him. We are also praying for sweet, little Geogie and her entrance into your lives, it's just incredible to think about it! Love you all, Kristine

  4. I am praying for you all during this exciting time, that God will be mighty on your behalf in every circumstance, big or small, and that He will go before you to smooth your path. Your new daughter is beautiful! May God bless you all!
    Sally Ewan

  5. Hi Everyone! We are eagerly awaiting some news and have been praying a lot for you! we hope you are blessed and enjoying China and your new little Cole!
    The Wrights

  6. Thanks for letting us know about the answer to prayer with the bank! We are eagerly awaiting news from China. Have been praying for little Georgia and you guys all week. Many Blessings!
    The Goodes